Vidscrip™ improves clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Providers use Vidscrip™ to record short videos that answer questions patients ask them every single day.

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vidscrip (noun)

[ vid • scrip ] | \ vid-'skrip \

plural: vidscrips

  1. a playlist of short videos that answer questions about a health topic; typically recorded by a patient's healthcare provider
  2. a combination of the words "video" and "prescription"

Record Vidscrips

Vidscrip™ asks the questions and records the provider’s answers. It’s that simple.

Share Vidscrips

Recorded vidscrips instantly stream through embed on provider’s web page.

Healthcare providers repeat themselves over-and-over, day-after-day. But patients forget up to 80% of what they learn at the point-of-care.

This is a BIG issue for patients and their healthcare providers. Vidscrip™ is on a mission to improve it.

Vidscrips are proven to improve outcomes by delivering the right information, at the right time, from the right source... the patient's own doctor.

Vidscrip™ is revolutionizing patient engagement with a simple, web-based platform that records doctor's own answers to frequently asked questions, and shares them with patients through channels they already use, like their doctor's web page, or links sent directly to patient's phones.

"Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%"

Patients Prefer Vidscrip™ Videos

76% of patients surveyed stated Vidscrips are "more helpful" than other forms of healthcare information (e.g. brochures, handouts, etc.)

"Vidscrip Patient Satisfaction Survey". 2016–2019.

Vidscrip™ Videos Help Patients Make Decisions

86% of patients said their doctor's Vidscrip videos helped them make decisions about their health, medical condition, or treatment plan.

"A Scalable Program for Customized Patient Education Videos"

Practices Become More Efficient with Vidscrip™ Videos

Vidscrips received by patients via SMS reduced colonoscopy no shows and cancellations at Mass General and Brigham & Women’s Hospital by 30%.

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