Weighing Sandwiches

BY: John Brownlee, CEO & co-founder, vidscrip

Those who know me know that my hero is Charles Lindbergh.  I love “Lucky Lindy” for two reasons.  One, he was incredibly brave.  Two, he prepared for his flights with amazing precision, even weighing the sandwiches he carried with him to determine how much fuel they would cost.  I’ve always dreamed of successfully blending those two characteristics in my own life (I’ll let you know if I ever get there).

We recently had a visitor to our office.  A mom, who five years ago received a diagnosis of brain cancer for her two-year old daughter.  As she described her family’s journey over the past five years, it hit me that this amazing woman sitting right in front of me possessed all of the characteristics of my famous hero.  This mom’s stoic bravery and expertise – which clearly put her on equal footing with her daughter’s care teams – are part of our inspiration to help patients take control.  

At vidscrip we’re investing heavily in patients, not just because they inspire us, but because the future of the healthcare system depends on them.  The shift toward Value Based Care and Population Health finally puts patients where they belong, at the center of their care team.  Patients are brave.  Patients have expertise.  It’s time for them to take their place in the driver’s seat.

So, to the patient/caregiver who “weighs sandwiches” each and every day: we see you there, flying your own little plane toward the horizon with amazing bravery and intellect.  We want you to know that you are our heroes, and we’re working to provide you with tools that will help you capture and share the expertise you need to complete your own mission, whatever that may be.