Vidscrip, Zipnosis Team Up to Personalize the Virtual Care Experience

April 6, 2018

Minneapolis, MN — Minneapolis, MN — Vidscrip announced today its integration with virtual care provider, Zipnosis, to use video prescriptions to personalize the virtual care experience for primary care physicians and their patients (click here for Zipnosis press release).

As providers seek to optimize care between virtual and in-person visits, it’s important to treat patients at the right time in the right place. Sustained adoption of virtual care requires a level of trust that can be hard to establish. “There’s a misconception among patients when it comes to virtual care and what it’s designed to accomplish. Vidscrip, when integrated with a virtual care solution like Zipnosis, establishes trust by allowing a patient to view videos from their own provider relevant to their own diagnosis. Collaborations like this shift patients to expect virtual care as an integral part of their healthcare.” said vidscrip co-founder and CEO John Brownlee.

Zipnosis and Vidscrip Offices in Minneapolis, MN

Participating primary care providers will use Vidscrip to record short videos explaining the diagnosis and treatment plans their patients receive through the Zipnosis virtual care platform. “Primary care physicians get access to the most powerful patient engagement tools on the platform with Vidscrip: an easy way to project their name, brand and recommendation for virtual care to their patients. Where Zipnosis has digitized primary care, Vidscrip has digitized provider education. It’s a beautiful marriage of virtual care tools that will drive better patient utilization and satisfaction,” said Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis.

The partnership reflects a new era in collaboration among innovators in healthcare technology. Playing to the strengths of individual organizations and bringing them together will offer a complete package to healthcare providers that continues to eliminate barriers and improve the quality of care. Continues Pearce: “Vidscrip and Zipnosis’ ability to meld two digital platforms means more personalized content created faster – with the ability to adapt and evolve to ever-changing patient needs, clinical demands and technical opportunities exponentially faster than analog telemedicine solutions… This is just the beginning.”


“Children’s Pedcast”: Dr. Susan Sencer on pediatric cancer (repost)

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a perfect time to recognize and celebrate the fantastic work done by those who work with, parent, and care-give for pediatric cancer patients – and the amazing patients themselves!

Leading up to this weekend’s Shine Bright Bash, put on by Children’s Minnesota and benefitting their Cancer and Blood Disorders Program, today we’re sharing a “Children’s Pedcast” on pediatric cancer from last fall, recorded by Dr. Susan Sencer.

Click here to listen.


Dr. Susan Sencer is the medical director of the hematology and oncology program at Children’s Minnesota and named one of the Top Cancer Doctors in the U.S. by Newsweek.

We are honored to attend the Shine Bright Bash this weekend – check our twitter feed this weekend and back here on the blog next week for our recap of the event!

Note: Children’s Minnesota is a vidscrip client.


Weighing Sandwiches

BY: John Brownlee, CEO & co-founder, vidscrip

Those who know me know that my hero is Charles Lindbergh.  I love “Lucky Lindy” for two reasons.  One, he was incredibly brave.  Two, he prepared for his flights with amazing precision, even weighing the sandwiches he carried with him to determine how much fuel they would cost.  I’ve always dreamed of successfully blending those two characteristics in my own life (I’ll let you know if I ever get there).

We recently had a visitor to our office.  A mom, who five years ago received a diagnosis of brain cancer for her two-year old daughter.  As she described her family’s journey over the past five years, it hit me that this amazing woman sitting right in front of me possessed all of the characteristics of my famous hero.  This mom’s stoic bravery and expertise – which clearly put her on equal footing with her daughter’s care teams – are part of our inspiration to help patients take control.  

At vidscrip we’re investing heavily in patients, not just because they inspire us, but because the future of the healthcare system depends on them.  The shift toward Value Based Care and Population Health finally puts patients where they belong, at the center of their care team.  Patients are brave.  Patients have expertise.  It’s time for them to take their place in the driver’s seat.

So, to the patient/caregiver who “weighs sandwiches” each and every day: we see you there, flying your own little plane toward the horizon with amazing bravery and intellect.  We want you to know that you are our heroes, and we’re working to provide you with tools that will help you capture and share the expertise you need to complete your own mission, whatever that may be.